How to create a new draft proposal 📝

A guide describing the steps to create a draft proposal.

Who can create draft proposals?

Anyone, who:

  • has an idea how to improve the Lisk protocol or the Lisk project in general
  • wants to fund a project with the Lisk DAO treasury fund

Proposal types

There are two types of proposal:

  • Funding proposals: A proposal for receiving a certain amount of funds to an address. If approved, the recipient receives the amount given in the proposal. The transfer from the Lisk DAO treasury can be executed by anyone, once the proposal is approved. Funding proposals are binding, which means that no-one, not even the Onchain Foundation, can prevent the transfer, if the proposal passed.
  • General proposal: Generic, non-binding proposals about protocol parameters or the project direction in general that may be followed by the Lisk Foundation or not, depending also on feasibility and cost.

Discuss the proposal idea

Discuss the idea with the community.
The discussion can be used to receive initial feedback, and to improve the proposal, until it is mature enough to be drafted.
You may use the following channels:

Create the draft proposal

Create a draft for your proposal in the Proposals category.
Please select the fitting sub-category for the proposal type:

  1. Funding for funding proposals
  2. General for general proposals

Then create a new thread:

  • The title should be the title of the proposal
  • Fill out the template

Next steps

  • Wait at least 2 weeks to receive feedback for your draft proposal
  • Anyone who has enough voting power and considers the proposal mature enough, can create a corresponding proposal on Tally
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