About the Proposals category

Contains draft proposals and their related discussions for the Lisk DAO.

Before a proposal for the Lisk DAO is created on Tally, there should be always a discussion period of minimum 2 weeks of the draft proposal.

Who can create new draft proposals?

Anyone can open a new thread containing a draft proposal using the template (authors can add additional sections, if required).

What is the minimum discussion time?

The discussion should be kept open for at least 2 weeks before moving to a proposal on Tally.

How to incorporate feedback from the discussion

  • When the author wants to incorporate feedback from the discussion, the draft proposal should be modified instead of adding an updated proposal in a new message.
  • The updated proposal should contain a change log section at the top where the updates are documented.

What to do, once a proposal is finalized

  • Once the 2 weeks for discussion passed, anyone with enough voting power and who considers the proposal mature enough, can create a proposal on Tally where the full proposal text must be included.
  • Add the link to the proposal on Tally to the draft proposal.
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