Welcome to the Lisk Governance Forum! 👋

The Lisk Governance forum offers a place for discussions for members of the Lisk DAO community, to discuss governance related topics.The form and function of this governance is intentionally open-ended, and will evolve with community participation, growth, and learning.

Specifically, the forum can be used to:

  • Create draft proposals
  • Get in touch with delegates
  • General discussions about the Lisk governance


An overview of the most important categories of the forum:

  • Proposals : Create draft proposals here to get feedback from the community.
    Draft proposals should be open for discussion at least 2 weeks, until they are created on the Lisk DAO Tally instance.
    • Funding : Create draft funding proposals in this category by using the provided template
    • General : Create draft general proposals in this category by using the provided template
  • Delegates : A category for delegates to present themselves to the community.
  • Discussions : General discussions about governance related topics can happen here

Further resources

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