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ADAMANT is a unique project — a decentralized anonymous messenger based on the blockchain system. It’s independent of governments, corporations, and even developers due to the distributed network infrastructure containing open-source code.

ADAMANT supported all Lisk L1 hardforks, offering users a superior non-custodial Lisk Wallet with in-chat LSK transfers.

In a development within the community, ADAMANT Messenger & Wallet has announced that it will not support the upcoming migration of Lisk (LSK) from its Layer 1 (L1) blockchain to the Ethereum/Optimism Layer 2 (L2) solution. This decision marks a pivotal shift in ADAMANT’s strategy, diverging from its historical support for previous Lisk migrations. Details: ADAMANT ends support for Lisk after the LSK migration to Optimism | by ADAMANT Messenger | May, 2024 | ADAMANT

If you vote for ADAMANT Messenger delegate, we’ll consider adding Lisk L2 support to ADAMANT apps.

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