DAO voting: Ensuring clarity on the burning proposal

Looking at the DAO and the burning/not burning vote, the situation is more complex than with regular proposals, since the burning proposal has two outcomes that have actual actions and the funds are already minted. With a regular proposal, let’s say a project asks for $1M for onboarding. The DAO votes, and if the proposal doesn’t get the quorum (24M of yes + abstain), the project simply doesn’t get the funding.

With the upcoming burning vote and the current participation in the DAO, it matters what we’re actually voting on.
Does the proposal ask about BURNING or KEEPING the funds?
If the proposal asks, Should the funds be burned? and there’s no quorum (24M of yes + abstain), what happens? Will the funds be kept, or do we need to vote at a later time?
What if the proposal asks, “Should we keep the funds?” and that proposal doesn’t get quorum? Will they get burned?

There’s high chance none of those get required quorum. In that case wouldn’t be wise to have 2 voting’s on each question, and if none of them get the quorum, postpone it once the DAO has more voting power?

The DAO burning vote is complex because it has two actionable outcomes and the funds are already minted. If the proposal asks about burning or keeping funds and lacks quorum, it’s unclear what happens next. Given the likely lack of quorum, it might be wise to hold two votes and postpone if neither reaches quorum until the DAO has more voting power.

The question should be posed as: “What should we do with the 100M DAO tokens? 1. Burn 2. Keep.”

For those who abstain, we can add the option: “Either option is acceptable.”

the DAO on Tally has only (For, Against, Abstain) you can’t change that, nor give more options, additionally for a proposal to pass it only takes (For+Abstain) to meet the quorum. So if a voting has 21M votes FOR and 20M Against, the proposal doesn’t meet the 24M quorum.

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Sorry, my mistake, I didn’t know that. You are right.

So, in this case, we need to do both, if the first question doesn’t get quorum on ‘yes’ + ‘abstain’ or ‘no’ + ‘abstain’.

And we need to start with the question: Should we keep the tokens with a price link as proposed by Grumlin? If it gets quorum on ‘yes’ + ‘abstain’, we don’t need to do a second vote. If it gets quorum on ‘no’ + ‘abstain’, then we can do a second vote: Should we keep it with just vesting? If it gets quorum on ‘no’ + ‘abstain’, then it means burn.

Anyway, if any question doesn’t reach quorum, it doesn’t mean yes or no! For example: Should we burn it?/Should we keep it? If quorum wasn’t reached, it doesn’t mean that you agree or disagree, it means that the community hasn’t decided at the moment.

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Hey, thanks for bringing this up, I saw our formulation in the blog post was a little misleading, so we adjusted it now slightly to be precise: Burn or Allocate to DAO Fund: the date is set

Edited for clarification:
In short, we plan to ask the community, if they would like to burn the 100M tokens. If the proposal is accepted, the 100M will be burned. If the proposal is rejected, it would mean the 100M will be vested as planned. And in case the quorum isn’t reached, the proposal will be resubmitted after some time.